4th of July

Independence Day Fireworks!

‘Life is an Adventure’ was the motto for the Fourth of July weekend this year. Nothing drastically terrible, just lots of little things that are truly First World problems: ‘I swear I packed my Leatherman’, ‘Where are my grey pants, I just saw them!’, setting up camp in the dark, air mattress minus the air equals ZIP, NADA, NOTHING. but that was more than made up for by the last adventure, which was not life shattering in the least, but exactly why you need to roll with the punches. Eventually it pays off! We tossed a coin, Estes Park or Nederland for the fireworks display. We chose Nederland and off we went. The good news, we arrived in Nederland in plenty of time to learn they weren’t having fireworks. But we got a hint from a local that Blackhawk was just down the road and had generally spectacular displays. (Casinos foot the bill, so once in a while vice is nice). These are just a few of the shots I got from an incredible display of firework wonder. Well worth the extra 30 minute drive and 15 minute walk hauling everything to the park on Main St. Could not have asked for a better night!

Note: I didn’t bring the tripod (we crammed WAY too much stuff into that Chevy Malibu as it was), but the photos are still fun.


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