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A recent website I did using the GoDaddy Web Builder. It was a quick fix for a client, but here’s what she had to say:

“Please put some sort of credit on my website.. for you…

I know it’s hard to blow your own horn, but anything you say will be true,

timely response, excellent work, reasonable rates, far exceeded expectations, etc.”

Carole K.

Safety Products for Children

Peace of Mind When Your Kids are On The Move!

Ingenious Personal Safety Products!

Ingenious Personal Safety Products!

A few things on the Web Builder. It was rather nice to do drag and drop, but there were certainly limitations to its functionality. I don’t like the fact that there is no way to build in SEO or even minimal standards for accessibility for those with disabilities: Alt tags, titles, etc. That’s a limitation I don’t recommend. I’m betting that GoDaddy offers a nice service to go in and make that happen. I’m sure I could access the ftp and do it all myself, but it really should be right there in the WYSIWYG.