Knowing Vs Doing

Knowing vs Doing

There are a lot of things that I know would make my business better. Follow up, more ‘hustle’ or effort, more in depth training, and learning to communicate with each client in a way that fits their personality: more phone calls and less email for some, more email and texts for others. Those are just a few things that I know are important and still don’t do perhaps as often as I should. Another one of those things is blogging. One of the main reasons I don’t do most of the above is the time it takes, and like most folks, I’m intimidated with blogging in part because of that. It may also have to do with the fact that I’m an English major and somehow I expect everything I write to come out pure gold. Being an English major, I should know better, I should know there’s a process.

Just as there is a process to writing literature, there is a process to blogging. The first part of the process is to just start. This morning I went to a networking event. I of course ended up with a ton of business cards and as I was collecting or receiving them I was thinking, “Ugh, another batch to go in the bag…” That’s my Rolodex at this point, a plastic bag full of business cards. So, I thought to myself about what I know to do with them, which is FOLLOW UP. I confess, I took a slight shortcut, I did a mass mailing to the folks I collected them from. But was a start and here’s what I did. I thanked them for letting me join them, and I shared some of the things I enjoyed about their group, and finally I shared one of the things I learned. It reminded me of a person in the group that I had wanted to talk with, the President Elect of the group, whom I had not had a chance to chat with before he left. So, I wrote to him as well and shared a few ideas I’d had for their group to grow (the same things I know we’re working on in my own networking group). I didn’t ask for business or anything, all I did was find a way to connect and show that I cared about their growth. Nothing may come of it, but it felt good to do something proactive. I still have a stack o’ cards, but I’ve made a connection with several people and I plan to connect with several more. In fact, even as I’m writing this I can think of several more that I need to connect with for one reason or another. Usually those cards just go into The Bag of Gloom.

And all that to say it was a process. I can think of better ways to do it, like send an email to each personally. I don’t know that I necessarily have something to say to each one though, so one step at a time. One thing I did do, which I don’t always do, was to take notes on each person’s ‘pitch’. So if I’m reviewing them later, and see someone’s referral request, I can follow up with them if I come across someone with that need. Which only occurs to me as I write this. Process... Who taught me that everything had to be perfect the instant it left my fingertips, mouth or pen? I don’t know, but I’d like to sock him/her/it in the mouth. Was I talking about blogging? Yup, so I was. But I think I made my point nonetheless, here I have a blog post mainly because I simply started. I did what I know I should do. Imagine that!