Photoshop CC Hacked?

Photoshop CC Pirated in One Day

I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I do believe pirating is wrong. On the other hand, Adobe is essentially a monopoly and they’ve been overcharging people for the privilege of using their software for years and are trying to do so again, IMHO, with CC (short for Criminal Crock??).

The fact that it was pirated in one day leads me to one of the reasons I highly distrust the Cloud. If CC can be pirated, it can be hacked and who’s to say my files that I HAVE to keep in the Cloud are safe? In spite of the redundancy supposedly in place for that sort of service, Adobe clearly has a large bullseye on their back and is a most worthy target for hacker braggadocio. So, not only am I required to pay their monthly fee-if I don’t I risk losing all my files-but are my files really safe with a company whose software was pirated in one day?

I have other thoughts on Adobe, but that truly is my main concern with the CC other than the fact that I just prefer owning my own software copy, even if I can only afford to update it every 3-4 years (which is truly about what most folks I talk to update anyway). If Adobe can’t keep their flagship product safe from pirates, I seriously question their ability to keep my files safe and secure either.