VLogging, flogging, is there a difference?

Take 5, take 7, take 32… I’ve been working on recording a short video for my website… so I suppose that it’s not really a vlog per se, but it makes me appreciate those who do vlogging, or any kind of video work. They say that video, whether professionally done or not, will help your website get traffic. I confess, I’m a little more vain than most people would ever know. So as I’ve been working on this video with just my iPad camera rolling, I don’t like the looks I’m giving myself. I’m a little too bug eyed, serious and messy. You don’t necessarily want to completely memorize what it is you’re going to say, so that it flows naturally out. But, I can get up in front of people and quickly say what I thought of 20 seconds ago confidently; however, the short script I spent time writing and conceiving, I stumble over time and again in front of the video. Get me in front of a camera and I’m a blubbering bozo! So, I managed to say exactly what I wanted to say after about 30+ tries, but then I’m concentrating so hard that I forget to smile and my expression shows it. Oi!! Back to the drawing board. If I weren’t so vain, I might yet post some of my attempts….aww shucks, I deleted them. Gosh, too bad! I think it might just be a little easier to do if I were facing a firing squad. Or at least had someone else holding the camera. But I will figure it out, it might just take more than a day. I’m always advising my clients to get a video up of them, no matter how professional. I still know that it’s a valuable way to make yourself known and let people get a sense of who they’re doing business with. But I’m starting to see how time consuming and difficult it can be. I’m also seeing the value of paying someone to do it better. That being said, I know that something is better than nothing and for now, I may have to just think outside the box to come up with something that I’m happy to put out there.

addendum…. Here’s what I came up with for the time being. I guess one way to get over my vanity is to just put it out there.